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Please Note!

Your website must be secured with https (SSL) to use KwikiChat's audio and video features. It should look something like Text chat however, doesn't need https. Contact your web hosting company if you need a SSL certificate. They are very inexpensive and worth the peace of mind knowing your site is secure.

Search engines, like Google, are considering only indexing sites secured with https so it's a good decision to secure your site if you have not done so already.

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A Few Quick FAQs

YES. KwikiChat works on iPhone and iPad devices. You must be running iOS 10 or higher.

KwikiChat will run on Android phones as long as the phones are using operating system 4.4.2 or higher. At the moment KwikiChat will not run on Android tablets. This upgrade will happen in December of 2017.

YES. The only requirement is that your website must be protected using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). In other words your website address must use https and NOT rely on simply http. This protocol is becoming standard today and is a great step in protecting your website. In the case of KwikiChat we use WebRTC to deliver Real Time Communications (RTC) which is supported by all major browsers, iOS and Android. It is the developers of WebRTC who require websites to use https in order to benefit from WebRTC rich media content. If you do not have a SSL certificate on your website consult your hosting company and they should be able to install one for you.

YES. Security and privacy are parramount and we encrypt any content being shared between KwikiChat's website companion app and the mobile app.

YES. If for any reason during your first 7 days you are not 100% satisfied with KwikiChat's service then simply submit a support ticket and request a refund. We will ask no questions and will issue you a refund within 24 hours of your request. We are so confident that you will enjoy kwikiChat's service that we are willing to take all the risk.

YES. Simply visit our help desk by clicking HERE and send any questions or feature suggestions to us. We will respond accordingly. 


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